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NIKO Ceylon Tea

NIKO Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks

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  • Our Pure Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are graded under 'C5 Grade' and are      
     Mild, Sweet & Aromatic 
  • Lion Logo in our packaging means our Cinnamon is approved as Pure Ceylon Cinnamon by the Sri Lankan Export Development Board
  • Pure Ceylon Cinnamon contains Significantly Lower Level of Coumarin content when compared with the cheap 'Cassia Cinnamon' found in Supermarkets. Every Batch is tested for its Coumarin Content
  • Fresh from a Family Owned Plantation - Harvested, Dried & Packed with in 3-4 weeks make our Cinnamon Really fresh
  • 100% Raw Cinnamon with nothing added- No GMOs & Additives 
  • More than Fair Trade - 1/3 of Production Sales goes to Skilled Workforce
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